Have you ever looked at those emails stating that they have ‘info’ from the yard, so you need to join their tipping service? Most social media is full of such claims, the reality is it’s a con, something to get a customer interested and then ultimately the service lasts a few weeks or is poor to say the least. I have many contacts in the horse racing industry and at best I get 1/2 every couple of weeks or so, and that’s normally to say that connections are at least very confident, as nothing is guaranteed.

But, can we work that out for ourselves?

You see a few years back a famous trainer (over a few beers) gave me lots of advice, advice that with today’s modern technology I use to my advantage.

I now call it the Trainer ‘Info’, most trainers won’t have those brilliant horses that stand a chance of winning most races that they are entered into or be able to have the top jockeys available to them. 

So, as a trainer you need to look to optimise the horse’s options to make money for all the horses’ connections.

There are at least 5 and up to 7 criteria’s that you need to look at to select a potential ‘trick’ and as I’m a professional tipster, it would be foolish for me to tell all the World what those criteria’s are, however I can provide the selections exclusively to you.


I’ve been holding this information to myself for a good few years now and I wanted the time to be right to create a service.  During those years, I have also been looking at the best way to stake the selections.

Since the start of 2019 I have been keeping a spreadsheet for the selections to keep a record of the results.  This spreadsheet proves that this system will be ranked amongst the best that are on offer, anywhere!

Since the start of August 2019….a massive
1167.55 points profit (till the end of October). Add to that another 46.70 points so far in November!

£3035.63 to £2.50 a point
£6071.25 to £5.00 a point
Or a massive
£30,356.25 to £25.00 a point

With NO losing months in 2019! The All Weather was added in August and just look at the boost to the already high profits since………

2019 Points total so far is ……….
January     Points 44.70
February     Points 82.00
March    Points 3.50
April    Points 125.65
May    Points 353.00
June    Points 106.30
July    Points 230.20
Aug – AW added    Points 321.40
September     Points 515.60
October    Points 330.55

I’m sure you will agree that the figures are impressive, take the time to look at the spreadsheet in detail, as you will see that some months there are more selections than others, this cannot be helped and it is worth budgeting your staking pot to the highest month of selections (72 in July).


As I cannot know your standard of betting, I have tried to be as concise as possible in this introduction to Trainer Tricks, be aware that all services will have losing runs and that you have the correct staking pot that you can set aside for this service.

All selections will be provided the evening before, I will also use an Oddschecker app to provide the highest odds at the time of posting, so that you get every chance to get the best odds available. 

Don’t forget that ‘best odds guaranteed’ or BOG isn’t available to most until the morning of the race.  By having the information, the night before, you can have the best of both, either bet the night before or in the morning to chance the BOG offers.

This is truly a service that offers you the trainer ‘info’ without knowing or having any contacts in the horse racing industry, so don’t be fooled again.


Get ready for yard quality info and selections, compiled from my research and refined over years of punting. I could slap a big price on this service, and many have before when the figures come close! I understand the volatility of the market and I understand that blaggers exist.
That is why I aim to hit the ground running and give you guys a fantastic, no nonsense offer to test drive my tips!Today, you can join my team and pick up a very solid 28 days of tips for just £9.97!

Or if real value for money is what you seek, secure yourself 3 whole months of race bet info for a brilliant £37.50! (Aprx £3 Per Week!) After these period, I am sure you will be confident with your betting and will still find the very reasonable prices dwarfed by your regular racing returns!

I hope that if you are serious about betting on the horses, that you take up this opportunity and be a step ahead of the bookmakers, all the very best of luck.Thanks for taking the time to find out about my service, I hope to see you on the other side and begin a new journey to consistent race bet profits!

Many Thanks,
WAP Tipsters – Trainer ‘Info’


Per month

  • 28 Day Trial! for £9.97


Per Quarter

  • 3 Month Trial! for £37.00