Racing Tips - Redefined

After a stellar four days at Cheltenham festival this year, advising over 300 punters via WAP Tipsters (over £900 from £25/point selections)

The Statman is back, and i'm here to stay.

Not only am I back, I’m back with a bang. Bringing you a brand new and unique way to follow the racing, and achieve fantastic profits while doing so!


If you are reading this, is it due to being a frustrated punter? Are you someone who’s fed up of losing your hard earned cash to the bookies?

I was the above punter many years ago, I couldn’t work out why my selections were so hit and miss, I backed what I thought were great looking horses on paper, they ticked all the boxes and yet I still didn’t win much! I’ve always been a professional person, owning businesses and being a freelance troubleshooter for production companies throughout the UK.

Then a bookie friend of mine suggested that I used my knowledge in the engineering production industry, where I used my spreadsheets to get the best out of our production team, maximise profit and get businesses back on track.

That had me thinking, he’s right. If I use the same professional approach to my bets, then I can make money and I’ve not looked back since. This was a long time ago now and I’m now a professional analyst for the horse racing industry.

I have developed many horse racing angles to make profit, some quite simple, some very complex, BUT all had to have the same result PROFIT. This comes in the form of angles that have an annual win strike rates of 65%+ or longer odds with a shorter strike rate but that make massive annual profits!

WAP Tipsters and I have had long chats and they asked me for Cheltenham statistics and can money be made from the whole festival? I showed them the last three years results and they were amazed. Those results are what I do daily, I can and have done for all festivals and big races for many years.

After the success of this year’s Cheltenham for us and the tremendous testimonies and emails of thanks, we have set up a brilliant daily service.


So, heres the deal. I have devised a fantastic system that will pick all the best bets from one meeting a day. A lot of hard work goes into making my selections and YOU can reap the benefits with out having to do all the hard work. Over time I am confident I can make YOU consistent cash profits both short and long term!
After years of studying all things race stats and data, and developing nothing short of an obsession, I have refined my methods to a tee, enabling myself to do the one thing we all desire. . . 


To show our appreciation for your interest, myself and WAP Tipsters have two fantastic prices for you to choose from – each better value than the last and both starting with a stellar £1 two week TRIAL!! I honestly believe that once your betting bank begins to feel the perks of following my daily selections you will come to appreciate the brilliant value of the subscription choices on offer today. 


Per month

  • 2 Week Trial! for £1.00


Per Quarter

  • 2 Week Trial! for £1.00


Along with selections, upon joining I will of course be advising you on bank and staking for all my advice!

Another reason to chose The Statman service is that all selections will be with you the night before to maximise the early prices and I will also make you aware of the best prices available by listing the bookmakers that are offering the best odds at that time!

Remember this is isn’t a gut based service, no insider information or fancies, this service is made from hard facts and statistics, winning formulae and long term trends. All compiled after many years of research and a full three years of analysis.