The Knowledge


Hello Racing Fan,

My name is Thomas Hamer. I have a vision, a vision of your betting bank in a much better shape!

I employ simple, straightforward selections to make my daily betting pay. Now it’s time that I share my secrets with you, the punter.

I have been fascinated with horse racing for as long as I can remember. I fell in love with the animal as a kid and fell in love with the sport as I grew up – as a spectator and an investor.

Over the years I have refined my research techniques and developed extensive and reliable contacts in all corners of horseracing. Attributes that have led me to where I am today and achieve over 900 points of profit in just 4 months of proofing my bets with WAP Tipsters.

This has led me to the point where I can confidently pick the bets that can boost your betting and bolster your bank!


My picks are simple and affective. The diamond duo!
1 point each way bets sent in full confidence and sent to profit.

Some days I lose, some days there will be no bets, but many days we win, and we can WIN BIG!

I focus on big odds, but I don’t pick any old horse. My selections are the coveted product of an early rise, precise form and market analysis and nods from my contacts; professional gamblers, insiders and analysts.

This can lead to and has led to countless jackpot profit days, such as:

  • Creek Harbour WON @ 28/1 (+33.6pts)
  • Hayward Field PLACED @ 28/1 (+4.6pts)
  • Street Jester WON @ 16/1 (+19.2pts)
  • Ned Pepper WON @ 22/1 (+26.4pts)
  • Culture WON @ 14/1 (+16.8pts)
  • Cliffs Of Capri PLACED @ 22/1 (+3.4pts)

These bets + Many, many more have helped me to achieve over £9,000 from £10 each way bets and nearing on £20K with doubled stakes.

Astonishing as it sounds, I have only just begun, now I want YOU with me as the winning continues! You can view all my results since May by clicking the button to your right!


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